Save 30-40% on your trash bill.

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Simplify your waste and recycling, lower your overhead, and achieve your sustainability goals with Waste Remedies, a Federal International company. We specialize in managing the waste and recycling services for companies like yours with our hands-on expertise and proven formula for success. Our program includes:

  • REDUCING your local waste hauling costs: Is your hauler giving you competitive pricing? We call local haulers to find out. Even with a contract in place, we are able to leverage most haulers into lowering rates based on the actual costs of servicing your account.
  • AUDITING your monthly waste invoices: Extra charges and rate increases often slip into monthly invoices. We audit all your waste and recycling-related invoices each month and question every fee to guarantee your servicers are honoring your contract.
  • VERIFYING you’re not being over-serviced: Don’t pay to haul air to the landfill. We adjust container size and service levels to maximize the value of each haul you’re paying for.
  • FOCUSING on diversion: We analyze your waste stream to discover what can be recycled. Then we work with your team to set up processes to divert those items with minimum effect on your daily operations.


Federal International can manage all your locations, nationally and globally. Our job is NOT taking over as your waste and recycling service provider; our job is to manage those services to lower your costs. If we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid.