Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to reduce our waste removal costs?

  • There are many inefficient processes in the waste industry, resulting in your paying for excessive service. Waste Remedies has developed a fresh, cutting-edge business model that customizes your waste removal program to save you money. Then our strategic vendor relationships allow us to negotiate optimum rates and favorable contracts on your behalf.

What specifically do you do?

  • Waste Remedies uses a three-tiered approach to evaluating our waste removal program. We work on your behalf to renegotiate hauler rates, right-size containers, and set appropriate collection schedules. In addition, we maximize your recycling opportunities with the goal of diverting waste away from landfills. This combination usually results in significant savings, potentially up to 40% of your baseline costs.

How much additional work is required of my staff to achieve these savings?

  • Actually, the ongoing workload is generally reduced for your staff for as long as the Waste Remedies consulting agreement is in place. Our invoice auditing department will audit every invoice to ensure that your waste service providers are in compliance with hauler and vendor agreements. If there are any discrepancies, Waste Remedies will investigate and resolve any disputes on your behalf. Once approved, the invoices are then forwarded to you for payment.

Some of our locations are in franchised areas. Aren’t they locked into their rates?

  • Yes, in that case you must pay the rate stated by law. However, there are still steps we can take to significantly lower costs, including adjusting the collection schedule, changing container size, and recycling. Actually, some of our biggest savings come from franchised areas because of the perception you are “locked in” to your waste removal costs.

What if you don’t find any significant savings? Do I still have to pay you?

  • Waste Remedies takes an average your last three monthly waste removal invoices to calculate a monthly baseline cost. The new pricing is then compared to this baseline to determine the amount of savings. We earn a fee only when we are able to deliver a cost savings to you.