Federal International, with over $140 million in annual revenue, is an industry leader in developing creative recycling solutions. Here are some highlights of our 98-year history:
  • St. Louis plant started as a sorting operation
  • Expanded to a national brokerage business
  • Major recycler for the largest US printers
  • Mel Lefkowitz bought first load of foam (‘59)
  • Mel was purchasing 100% of foam he could find (by ‘63)
  • Leader in foam trading, recycling and manufacturing
  • Built companies in England, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Uganda, Italy, Canada and US.
  • Added Jefferson City, Missouri Plant (‘00)
  • Added Dallas, Texas Plant (‘09) and Houston, Texas Plant (‘10)


Federal International markets over 500,000 tons of scrap annually. We have a 4A1 D&B credit rating – the highest possible for a company of our size.